Viewing Part 3 (of 3) of Race: The Power of an Illusion at Madison Square Church, Tuesday, October 11, 7-9pm!

Our every other month opportunity for a mini workshop will be offered on Tuesday, October 11 from 7-9pm at Madison Square Church. This 3 part series is one of our good resources for gaining an overview of the history of racism in the USA. CORR leaders look forward to watching and reflecting on the last piece of this series with you. Even if you have missed one or both of the previous sections of this video, you are still most welcome to come. There is good stand-alone insight in each of the sections.

We hope this Tuesday pattern is still serving you well. Our CORR Team knows how important it is to learn and work together when addressing this difficult and crucial issue of racism. CORR wants to work with you!

Keep marking your calendars for that 2nd Tuesday of the month. We hope you will join us! Tuesday, November 8 (election day!) will be a Caucus opportunity from 6-9pm at Madison. We will focus on the election returns.

Please RSVP for Tuesday to

The Fall Understanding Racism Workshop, October 20-22 at Church of the Servant is in our prayers!

Use the Website: to register for the next workshop: November 10-12

Janice McWhertor