Tonight! Instead of Caucusing

Instead of Caucusing:

1. Come to Madison Square Church, 1441 Madison SE,Tuesday, July 12, 7pm for a Service of Lament, or, (Please note time correction – 7pm not 6pm!)

2. Join Micah Center in their ongoing work at the GR City Commission meeting, 6:30pm

Dear Friends,

Instead of meeting to Caucus together on our July 12 desiginated date, there are two other important ways we invite you to participate in antiracism work.

1. In light of the continued sorrow as we experience so much death in our communities across the country, we want to gather together before the Lord.

Coming Before God: A Service of Lament: 7:00pm Madison Square Church

A time to mourn,
A time to lament
A time to implore God for “Peace in our Cities”.

Let us come together to lament, listen, and pray in response to the recent shootings by police and of police. We will also take Communion together.

Please invite someone.


2. Secondly, consider the important work of Micah Center and support this with you presence. Jordan Bruxvoort’s note below gives us the info we need.


Development projects are going up all over the city, replacing older buildings and housing units with new ones. But how are those projects approved, and whose voice is heard in how they unfold?

This is the question we have the opportunity to raise next Tuesday, July 12 at the city commission meeting. Everyone will gather at 6:30pm in Calder plaza before going up to the commission chambers together.
Non-profits throughout the city have joined together to make the case that the Grand Rapids city commission should review the process development projects go through in order to be approved. A letter expressing those concerns is attached as is a document with governing principles for what the city’s community engagement should look like.

I hope you can come out Tuesday, July 12th to help ensure that the community’s voice is heard in every development project discussion.

Interested in carpooling? Be at Hope Church (located at the corner of Burton and Kalamazoo) by 6pm, and we will head over there together.


Jordan Bruxvoort
Micah Center

Janice McWhertor