Not a Mini Workshop: Instead, come to City Hall, Tuesday, April 12, 6:15pm!


People line rail along Hastings in the Belknap neighborhood above Interstate 196 to watch the Gerald R. Ford funeral motorcade pass by on its way to The Gerald R. Ford Museum where Ford's body will be in repose. (Lori Niedenfuer Cool/The Grand Rapids Press)

(Lori Niedenfuer Cool/The Grand Rapids Press)

Our every other month opportunity for learning will be offered on Tuesday, April 12, starting at 6:15pm, when we will meet up with Micah Center and CORR leaders to participate in a dialogue with the City Commission. The concern is the development in the Belknap Lookout neighborhood (600 block of Coit). New condos will replace existing houses (most of which are divided into apartments and rented at reasonable rates). We understand that the developer has only committed to making two of the 37 new units affordable (without defining what “affordable” means). Displacement of these existing residents is our concern.

We plan to meet at 6:15pm on the first floor of City Hall (300 Monroe) to be briefed on the situation and to go over the concerns that will be raised. As antiracists, we see this as an opportunity to look at a real life situation and to discern the misuse of systemic power as we join Micah Center in this evening.

Parking is available in the lot below City Hall, and those who attend the city commission meeting receive a voucher to cover their parking.

If you have questions, contact Jordan Bruxvoort at the Micah Center:

Please RSVP if you plan to attend: Thanks

The Summer Understanding Racism Workshop June 16-18, 2016 at Church of the Servant is coming!

We are anticipating our next opportunity to lead an Understanding Racism Workshop. Now is the time to talk with friends and colleagues about this essential need to dismantle racism together in our churches and communities. To help you, you may invite a CORR leader to a conversation with a committee, small group or individual – just let us know.

The next workshop is set for October, 2016 (specific days not yet set)

Janice McWhertor