Lines: The Lived Experience of Race


A play by Stephanie Sandberg – Wealthy Street Theatre – Thursday, March 31, 7pm!

Performing the actual experience of community members, this moving play explores how racial issues specifically impact individuals and families in our community. LINES challenges us to ask questions about where we live and how we can respond to race-related division in West Michigan. The play runs from March 25 through April 3 but, March 31 is set aside for church members.  We plan to set up a conversation afterwards on issues for the churches in Grand Rapids.  We believe this will be a very thoughtful opportunity for us in our antiracism efforts together.

Tickets for March 31 can be purchased for $12.50 through CORR.

Please RSVP to for how many tickets you would like to purchase. We know it is a little unusual but, there will be no tickets sold at the door for March 31. 

Janice McWhertor